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Criss Cross Straps for your Tie Dye Diva Ruffled Rompers [updated]!

Summer is just around the corner in the Northern hemisphere, and that means it’s time to break out your Tie Dye Diva Romper patterns!  The Ruffled Romper Pattern for Girls and for Ruffled Romper pattern for Baby have been customer favorites for many years.  I can’t count the number of adorable Ruffled Rompers I’ve seen posted in our interactive Tie Dye Diva Facebook Group. Over the years we’ve seen several brilliant modifications including extra ruffles, no ruffles, various modified straps and flutters added to the straps.  By leaving off the ruffles and changing up the halter ties, it makes an adorable sunsuit for girls or boys. Take a look at some of the customer creations I found in our interactive Facebook group.

Chelsea Freire of Sew Stylin’ Stitches added a bib and monogram to this sweet romper.
The straps are the halter-style straps made per the pattern.


The front of the romper is the perfect place for embroidery as
Dana Sanders-English of Sweet Gracie Originals shows.
She also modified the straps to tie  into the waist and added flutters.


Dawn Frohman of Addy & Tabby used rick rack to
 trim the ruffles and flutters on this modified romper.
She secured the straps at the back waist and added buttons to the front.


Don’t you love the mushrooms and lace on this modified romper.
Linda Gargett has crossed the straps and secured with buttons in the front.


Suzannah Cleaver of Princess Peppy’s Accessories has added a sweet bow
to the back of her romper as well as an adorable tuck and button on
the front giving a sweetheart neckline effect.


Clockwise from top left:
 Danielle Larson’s cross back modification
Christine Whiting has left the ruffles off and modified the straps to button in front; perfect for a sweet boy.
Julie Heath lengthened the straps and tied through the waist in a bow.
Janai Ayala created this adorable costume with fringe instead of ruffles and trim added to the front.

I just love all the creativity shown here!  It is amazing how a few simple changes can completely change the look of a pattern.

The baby romper pattern starts at newborn size (newborn photos anyone?) and extends through size 18-24 months.  It has a ‘cut on fold’ front with no center seam and instructions for an optional snaps crotch. The girls romper pattern has ‘bloomer’ style legs more age appropriate for toddlers and girls (which means it has a center front seam), longer ties, and includes sizes 2T – 6. Both have halter-style straps that tie behind the neck, but let’s give you a way to get a whole new look with criss cross straps! Leave off the ruffles for a sweet unisex sunsuit.

These instructions are for the baby sizes of the romper pattern and the pattern itself now includes the following instructions. If you have already purchased the baby romper pattern or want to make criss-cross straps for the Girls Ruffled Romper pattern, read on.

Criss Cross Straps for your Bubble Romper

[updated instructions with more detail! You can also download a screenshot PDF of these instructions here:  TDDCrissCrossStraps-1.pdf (203 downloads)

There are only two simple changes necessary for this modification – making straps and adding snaps or buttons as fasteners. You’ll need a scrap of interfacing, and either two 1/2″ diameter buttons or 2 to 4 sets of sew -in or press-in snaps.

Making the Straps

Begin by cutting your pattern pieces as directed, except do not cut the halter ties. Cut 2 straps each 2.75” wide with length as follows: NB: 10.25”, 0-3 months, 11.25”, 3-6 months: 12.25”, 6-12 months: 13.25”, 12-18 months: 14.25, 18-24 months, 15.25”.  For girl’s sizes, add about 1” per each size larger.

Fold each strap in half lengthwise with right sides together and sew down one long and one short edge using a ½” seam allowance*. Apply a strip of interfacing about 4” long inside your seamline at the closed end.  *Finished straps are roughly 7/8” wide. If you like slightly wider straps, use a ¼” seam allowance when sewing the long side of the straps.

Trim across the corner and turn through the unsewn end.  Press well and continue with the pattern instructions for attaching the straps and finishing the romper.

Add Snaps or Buttons/Buttonholes

Mark button/snap placement on the back waistband by first being sure the fabric gathers are distributed evenly across the back elastic. Then fold the romper back evenly in half with wrong sides together to find center back and mark the fold.

Without stretching the elastic or the fabric, measure 1.5” to the left and right of center back and mark these points. You may like to place these wider apart or closer together depending on your child, so custom fitting at this point is a good idea if you have the child available.

Set the buttons or sew the snaps through the entire waistband – fabric and elastic – at the marked or desired points. The button will be centered on these marks on the inside; for snaps, the caps will be centered on the outside and sockets (male or female) on the inside. Below shows the view from the inside.     Standard prong snaps should work perfectly for this. You may wish to test your snaps on a scrap of elastic wrapped in a scrap of fabric first. If you find you are having trouble, be sure you are not using non-roll elastic (which is thicker) or use snaps with longer prongs.

To set snaps/buttonholes on the straps, cross the straps and fit on the child if possible for the best fit. If the child is not available, set the snaps/sew vertical buttonholes beginning 1.5” from the end of the strap and a second set beginning 1” to 1.5” from the first for adjustability (left photos below). For snaps, set caps on the inside of the strap and the remaining sockets (opposite of the ones you used on the waistband) on the outward-facing side (right photo below).

You can add additional growth snaps/buttonholes if you wish. Happy sewing!
Made with Anna Griffin Seafarer collection
Made with Panda-Rama collection by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics
Made with Flutter & Float collection by Ana Davis for Blend Fabrics

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  1. I am making the romper for a boy. I would like the straps to button in the front. What is the best way to attach the straps in the back? Would I just sew them in place where the button hole markings are? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kim! My preferred way to attach straps in the back would be to enclose the ends in a back waistband, so you don't have those stray ends hanging around inside being irritating or outside looking odd. You can't do this with the existing folded casing for the back waistband – you want to have a seam at the top edge of it so you can enclose the straps. A little hard for me to explain without a photo here but you'll first need to do a little math to figure out shortening the back piece to the right height since it won't be folded over anymore, then put the strap ends right sides together against the back piece and sandwich them between the back and a rectangular facing you'll make that you'll stitch to the top edge then fold over to the inside to be the elastic casing.