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Lemon Drop Dress Sew Along – Pre-Sew Along Kickoff – Choosing Fabrics

We are happy to announce the upcoming Lemon Drop Dress Sew-Along! Tie Dye Diva Facebook Group members overwhelmingly voted for the Lemon Drop Dress pattern to be the featured pattern for our online sew-along that starts June 12. If you haven’t participated in a sew-along before, here is some information here to explain what it is: Lemon Drop Sew Along Information. We hope you can join us!

This post is a little pre-sew-along kickoff to help you choose fabrics for your Lemon Drop sew along dress. Combining and choosing fabrics can often seem like the hardest part of a sewing project. Especially for girl’s dresses, when you have a bodice and a skirt and a ruffle and other details, it can feel overwhelming! What sorts of prints can you combine, which colors go together, and how many different fabrics is too many? If you have no trouble with this – wonderful! If you’d like a little help with your Lemon Drop fabric choices, read on, we’ve got a basic “recipe” for no-fail fabric combining. Like any recipe though – adjust to your own taste!

The Recipe:

First, choose a fabric with at least 3 colors as your skirt fabric. Feel free to choose a large or small-scale print, though if you have a large scale print you want to use in your dress, this is where it will work best because the other elements are smaller, or gathered.

Then, choose fabrics for the two to five smaller elements of the Lemon Drop Dress – the bodice, the straps, the optional ruffle, and the optional pockets, and the pocket trim. (Though personally I feel the words ‘optional’ and ‘pockets’ should never be in the same sentence!)  These fabrics should use colors that appear in or are very close to the ones in the skirt fabric. If you’ve used large scale for your skirt fabric, try a medium and smaller scale for the smaller elements, or stripes or solids.

I’d suggest that if you are using all the design elements in your Lemon Drop including the optional ruffle and pockets, that at least two elements use the same fabric for a pulled-together look. But again, it’s to your taste! I sometimes like to create the pockets from an entirely different color just for fun.

That’s it!

Here are a few Lemon Drop examples from our amazing testing team to inspire you, many of which follow the principles of the ‘recipe’ above:

Credits, top to bottom, left to right: Sam and I, Amy N. Blackwood Photography, Rebecca B, Kate Will Knit, Missy Mae’s Closet, Elizabeth M., Danyel K., Laci W., Amber G.

Using the ‘recipe’ ideas, Gina browsed the gorgeous selections at One Red Blossom Fabrics and pulled together a few combinations you might want to try (click the photos to go right to the fabrics). Which one is your favorite?

Combo 1:

Image Map

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

Image Map

Image Map

Combo 4:

Combo 5:

Image Map

Combo 6:

Image Map

Combo 7:

Image Map

Combo 8:

Image Map

Don’t forget you will need buttons or snaps to close your Lemon Drop! KAM Snaps make a perfect closure and you’ll always be able to find just the right color.

We are very fortunate to have both One Red Blossom Fabrics and KAM Snaps sponsoring our sew-along! They have graciously donated prizes, and those participants who complete the sew-along can enter to win a gift certificate from One Red Blossom Fabrics and a KAM Snaps starter kit of pliers and Size 20 snaps. So, grab your Lemon Drop Dress pattern at a discount, start choosing fabrics, and we will see you in the Tie Dye Diva Facebook fan group for Sew-Along Day 1 on June 12!

For more on choosing and combining fabrics, you might also like our previous two-part blog post, “Does This Go?” Part 1 and “Does This Go? Part 2.

How do you choose fabrics? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m loving combo 4 and combo 7 next. They all look great and thank you sew much for helping with choosing fabrics. I will find one I love and then it takes forever to find the coordinating fabrics.