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How to Sew a Ruffle Neck Top – Tutorial Tuesday

Today we have a fun and extremely simple little pattern hack for you.  These cute little ruffle tops seem to be everywhere right now, and they’re so easy to sew that it’s the perfect project for beginning sewists, and those with more sewing experience will be able to whip up lots of these in no time!  They’re seriously so fun to select fabric for and sew, not to mention an excellent project to refashion those thrifted men’s dress shirts.

The Daydreamer Dress pattern you see above is the perfect pattern for our top hack.  It’s a twirly dress pattern with a sweet ruffle neck collar and sash.  It’s available in a range of sizes from 2t through 9/10, and is a great pattern for beginners.  The pattern itself only has a few pages to print, making this ruffle top one of the simplest pattern hacks ever.

Modifying Your Pattern

First, you will select your bodice size based on your child’s chest measurement.   My daughter is a size 4 chest, so I will use the size 4 bodice.


Using their height size, select the length you will need to add to the front bodice from the chart below.

My girl falls in the size 5 height range, so I will add 10.5″ to the length of my size 4 front bodice piece.  I draw a line down from the center front fold line that is 10.5″ long.  I also draw an angled line down from the underarm point, and draw another bottom line to meet my center front line.  You can see my modifications in pink below.

Now that you have your basic outline, you will want to adjust the bottom hemline to curve up 1/4″ to 1/2″ at the side seam, as shown in green below.  You basically want this corner to form a 90 degree angle.

Here is my final front top pattern piece.

Now take your back bodice pattern piece, place it over your front top pattern piece we just made, matching underarm points and center fold side.  Tape down the back bodice pattern piece only at the bottom.

Here I am cutting my fabric on the fold using my back pattern piece.

This makes it very easy to use the same top pattern piece we just drew for both the back and front.  To use as the top front pattern, simply fold down the back bodice pattern as shown in blue, and it should be completely out of the way.

Here I am cutting my fabric on the fold using my front pattern piece.  Notice I’ve flipped down my back bodice section using the tape as a hinge.

I placed my pen just under the back bodice piece so you can see it’s flipped down and out of the way.

Cutting Your Fabric

Now you’re ready to cut your fabric.  Our top consists of only three fabric pieces:  top front, top back, and the neck ruffle.  You will also need 1/4″ elastic for the neckline.  Your pattern gives you cutting measurements for your neck ruffle on page 3 and the elastic piece on page 4.

Sewing Your Top

Now you’re ready to sew!  First, place your top front and back pieces right sides together and sew down each side seam using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Finish this seam.

Now jump to step 4 on page 9 of your pattern to finish the armholes, and continue with step 5 to attach the neck ruffle.  To finish, turn your bottom hem up 1/4″, press, then another 1/2″, press and sew.  You’re done!

It’s easy to add trim to the neck ruffle too, because who doesn’t like to personalize with a little crochet lace or pompoms?  I added my trim after pressing up my neck ruffle’s hem.

I paired this adorable watermelon top with Daffodil Capris turned into shorts using Rachel’s Daffodil Shorts tutorial.  I absolutely love the look of these shorts with their contrast ruffle.  The watermelon and pink fabric are part of the Tutti Fruitti collection by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics, and they scream summer time and picnics!

This sweet Daydreamer top is all about our feathered friends.  It’s part of the Garden Roost collection by Elizabeth Grubaugh for Blend Fabrics, and the ruffle top is perfect for coordinating small quantities of fabric you may have sitting in your stash.

I decided to whip up a pair of Potato Chip Shorts in a light blue twill fabric to complete this fun little summer outfit.  These are the bermuda length shorts featuring a simple tie hack in the front and cuffs (wink wink…tutorial coming soon!).  They’re perfect for outdoor activities like running around in the park, or you know, chasing chickens!

I also went a little crazy refashioning this ruffle top.  My girl demanded I add these cat buttons, so I replaced the other buttons as well.  I love that this is such a great top for repurposing men’s shirts and getting really creative.  This one was covered in strange ink stains towards the bottom, but it was pretty easy to place the top pattern to avoid the stains.  You can also just use the original shirt’s hem if you can to make this top even faster!

Alright, I think I’ve included all of my ruffle top versions!  I wasn’t kidding when I said they’re addicting to sew.  If you want to whip up a pile of your own, make sure to grab the Daydreamer Dress pattern from Tie Dye Diva’s pattern shop.  As always we love seeing what you create, so don’t forget to share in Tie Dye Diva Patterns’ Facebook group or tag us on Instagram @tiedyediva.

Happy summer sewing everyone!


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