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Adding a Faux Button Placket to Your Sterling Leggings

Today we’re blogging over at Cali & Co. with more of their truly awesome fabric!  You may recognize this gorgeous and breezy lawn from our Fair and Square Tiers pattern hack post, but now we’ve paired it with the most beautiful turquoise knit Sterling Leggings.  We thought it would be fun to embellish them a bit with a faux button placket, and we’re going to show you how too!

The Sterling Shorties and Leggings pattern is a staple pattern for any girls’ wardrobe, covering sizes 12-18 months all the way through 9/10.  They include a plain, single, and double ruffle hem options for both the shorts and pants, and they can easily be added to skirt patterns for built in shorts using this tutorial.  For our faux placket tutorial, we’re making the single ruffle pants version, but you can add the faux placket to the other legging hem options too.

To get started you will need to cut two plackets and two pieces of interfacing using the measurements below.

First, fuse the interfacing to the center of the wrong side of the placket strips following the interfacing manufacturer’s instructions.

Fold the placket in half with right sides together, matching the short ends’ raw edges.

Sew along the longer sides using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Turn it right side out and press using a pressing cloth.  Now taking one of your Sterling pant legs, place it right side up and locate the center point at the bottom.  Place your placket here matching raw edges and center points.  I used wonder tape to help keep my placket in place, but you can also pin it in place.

Stitch around your placket using a slightly longer stitch length.  We don’t really need this placket to stretch, so using a straight stitch is ok.  If you can reduce your presser foot’s pressure, go ahead and do that as well.

Now finish your pants according to the pattern’s instructions, and when you’re done, add the buttons (keep in mind that buttons are recommended for children 3 and over).  I used simple 3/4″ buttons, and I really like how the black pops against this lovely and bright turquoise fabric.  I placed my first button 3/4″ from the top of the placket, and the remaining buttons 1.5″ beneath each other, centered on the placket.

I also added the single ruffle because how cute is that?  I love it, and the contrasting black thread helps highlight the placket and rolled hem don’t you think?  This is such a fun and simple way to really add some pop to your leggings.

To see more cute outfit pics and read all about today’s fabric, hop on over to Cali & Co.’s blog to take a look.  When you’re ready to buy some fabric for yourself, come on back and use our affiliate link to take $5 off of your first purchase over $25 at Cali Fabrics!

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