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FREE Doll Dress Pattern – Riley Blake Flit & Bloom Blog Tour

Welcome to Tie Dye Diva Patterns’ stop on the Riley Blake Flit & Bloom collection blog tour! We had so much fun with these pretty, petite prints by Patty Young.

As soon as Patty mentioned this collection had colorful, smaller-scale prints I knew I wanted to show girl and doll dresses. I love how cutting a small piece of a fabric, whether for a quilt, a doll dress, or a smaller feature of a garment or bag, frames the print in a different way than when you view the whole cloth or a large piece and these were especially fun to work with in that way. The hummingbird, flowers, and geometric designs look so beautiful in both larger and smaller pieces! We chose Main in Teal, Henna Blossom in Teal and Geo Blossom in Pink and our Easy Peasy Peasant Dress pattern.

I used the 3/4 sleeve view with a simple hem and added a little ruching to the sleeve and a yo-yo flower for a sweet little accent. Miss Kennedy loved matching her doll, how cute are they?

I may have gotten a little carried away making a few extra things for Miss Kennedy’s American Girl doll with the scraps I had left over but these prints were calling to be mixed and matched into a dolly wardrobe!

Our Potato Chip Skirt and Top Set for 18 inch Doll
Our Lemon Drop Dress (tunic view) and Dolly’s Bloomers patterns for 18 inch Doll
How sweet are these little birds and flowers?
This stylized Henna Blossom print is so pretty on petite bloomers!
Hummingbirds flitting on our Potato Chip top for 18 inch doll.
Geo Bloom in Pink on our Potato Chip Skirt pattern for 18 inch doll, I love the tiny flowers!
Look how cute the sash came out on our Perfect Party Dress for 18″ Doll. Tiny prints are so fun!

Today I’m giving you this free doll dress pattern so you can sew a peasant dress for 18″ dolls like American Girl!

Free Doll Dress Pattern for 18″ Doll like American Girl

You will need:

Print the free doll dress pattern with Adobe Reader and the following settings:

  • “Auto Portrait/Landscape” selected
  • “Actual Size” selected (be sure “Fit to Page” or “Shrink” NOT checked.)

Check the 1″ box and tape the pages together matching the triangles to form a square. Cut out the pieces.

Use 1/4” seam allowance throughout. Finish all seams with pinking shears or overlock or zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.

Step 1. You can insert elastic into the sleeve hems or not, but for either option, you will need to press and hem the edge. So turn the hem edge of each sleeve under ¼” and press, then turn again a generous 1/4” and press again. Sew very close to the fold. (By “generous” I mean, be sure it’s a full ¼”, or you may have trouble getting the elastic in the casing.)

If you’d like to add elastic to the sleeves as I have, use a tiny safety pin or threading tool to thread a 4.5” length of sleeve elastic into each sleeve hem. Stitch several times across both ends to secure the elastic, just less than ¼” from each edge. Repeat for both sleeves.

Step 2. Choose a piece to be your Dress Front (Front and Back is the same for dolly since her body is pretty much the same on both sides). Lay the Dress Front and a Sleeve piece right sides together and sew and finish the armhole curve.

Repeat to join the second sleeve to the Dress Front. Then lay the Dress Back right sides together with the remaining armhole curves and sew and finish them. Your dress should be in a complete “loop”.

Step 3. With the dress still wrong-side out, match side seams. Sew up each side and down the short underside of the sleeve and finish the seam.

Step 4. Turn the neckline edge under ¼” to the wrong side and press, then turn again a generous 1/4” and press again. Sew very close to the fold, leaving a 1” gap for inserting elastic. Also turn the hem under ¼” to the wrong side and press, then turn again ¼”” and press again. Sew all the way around close to the fold.

Insert an 8.5” length of elastic into the casing, join the ends, and stitch the gap closed.

It should not be difficult for the dress to go over dolly’s head the usual way, but if your child has trouble, try pulling it on dolly feet first, putting her hands through the armholes at waist level, then pulling up.

I hope you’ve loved this peek at the Flit & Bloom collection (you can see the entire collection at the link) and our free doll dress pattern! Many more patterns for 18″ doll, as well as girls, boys, baby and more at

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